Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

Artwork for the Selma Arts Center's 2016 Production

Inspiration was drawn from The Simpsons television series and psychedelic concert posters. The type forms the image of Homer Simpson, his eye taking the shape of a radioactive symbol. Mr. Burns is a very dark comedy with lots of twisted humor. I wanted this poster to feel a little bit deviant in it's mood, taking what you know about The Simpsons and turning it into something a little more off-putting. I used highlighter yellow and electric blue to convey the shocking aspects of the show as well as the theme of it being a "Post-Electric" play. 
American Advertising Awards (2017)
National: Gold ADDY (Out-Of-Home - Poster: S09A Single)
Regional: Gold ADDY (Out-Of-Home - Poster: S09A Single)
Local: Bronze ADDY (Out-Of-Home - Poster: S09A Single)

The College of Arts and Humanities at Fresno State


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