The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - March 2018
Director & Choreographer: Stephanie Klemons
Set: Anna Louizos
Costumes: Andrea Lauer
Lighting: Cory Pattak
Projection: Zachary Borovay
Projection Associate: Dominic Grijalva
As associate designer for the production, my main duty was constructing the city scape images which would later be compiled with the designer's sky textures and various other animations to create a complete scenic look. A lot of research and detail work went into the overall look, and multiple versions with varying color palettes were created to reflect different times of day. I also illustrated a graffiti-style image of the city scape for the opening moments of the show.
Selma Arts Center - August 2016
Director: Dominic Grijalva
Set: Erik Andersen
Costumes: Jeanette Derr
Lighting: David Esquivel
Projection: Dominic Grijalva
Winner of the 2013 BroadwayWorld San Francisco Awards for Scenic Design
Photos from Jeff Samaha Theater Productions - September 2013
Originally created for StageWorks Fresno - July 2013
Illustrator: Mitchell Lam-Hau
Animator: Dominic Grijalva
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