StageWorks Fresno - Season 2015

Promotional Artwork for StageWork's Fresno 2015 Season of Shows

The 2015 season artwork for StageWorks Fresno was inspired by the "I Spy" book series and other forms of large imagery with minute details to discover, in an effort to communicate a real environment that each story takes place in. From the macabre fantasy of Into the Woods to the hot and gaudy poolside of Palm Springs in Other Desert Cities, I wanted to showcase the world that exists within each play or musical.
The artwork for The Music Lesson is comprised of a dismantled toy piano and debris thrown across a field of cracked asphalt. A single bullet sits in place of one of the keys to symbolize violent memories of the Bosnian War that plague the main character during the play.
Into the Woods puts a twist on some of the most well-known fairy tales ever told. For this piece I decided to focus on the character of the Baker. I shaped the central image out of flour - using a variety of plastic cards to get it just right - and placed various kitchen utensils on a tabletop along with a few other symbols and props from the show (Red Riding Hood's cape, beans, etc.). The bowl of flour symbolizes a full moon in a sky of stars.
I based the piece for Dogfight on a scene that takes place between two characters in a bedroom. I wanted a romantic, dreamlike feel. The room was strewn with several knick-knacks that might have belonged to the character Rose and also reflect a few key themes from the show such as body issues, patriotism, and war. I placed the more blueish items closer to the right of the image to create a moonlit feel and the more earthy-toned objects closer to the left so the light coming from the hallway could intensify the colors.
Although Other Desert Cities is set near sunny Palm Springs, I chose to keep a gritty, washed-out style due to the darker themes of this production. I set up a scene in which the main character, Brooke Wyeth, has been lounging by the pool, going over her manuscript. She is put under a lot of stress throughout the story and she as well as a few of the characters in the play seem to enjoy their drinks and smokes, so I nodded to that visually as well. I wanted to convey the California dream with dash of harsh reality.
Photography by Kyle Lowe
Behind the Scenes: The Making of StageWorks Fresno's 2015 Season Artwork


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