"Display Wars" was a promotional event sponsored by Well*Pict Berries that encouraged retailers who sold the product to create a dazzling store display in the hopes of winning prizes and other fun and exciting incentives while simultaneously driving attention to the product and increasing berry sales. This video was promotional material for the contest.
Inspiration for the visual was drawn from the reality television show "Storage Wars".
Our team wanted this video to be both eye-catching and humorous in its delivery by being fast paced. We also decided to add a voice over that was almost overbearing. Think, "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!".
Artistically, I wanted to nod to the grunginess in the title sequence of "Storage Wars" while paying homage to the over-dramatic, cheesy, and literally explosive energy of the WWE Wrestling and Monster Truck commercials.
"Summer Display Wars" version that was pushed during Summer 2013
American Advertising Awards (2015)
Local: Gold
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