These animations were created for StageWorks Fresno's benefit production of Les Misérables. Fellow artist Mitchell Lam Hau hand drew every scene, scanned his sketches and sent them my way for digitizing and animation rendering.
The show was done in a concert hall, which didn't lend itself very well to huge set pieces since there were no wings and little backstage space. To solve the problem a giant syke was installed on the back wall of the stage. I projected a parchment texture and laid the animations on top to create the illusion that the backdrop was a living character that seamlessly took the story from one setting to another as each of the locations 'bled' into the scene. From massive scene establishing pieces such as ships and a bridge over looking a river with running water, to small details like flickering candles. It was my job to create this world in which the story of Les Misérables unfurledMany elements were combined in order to digitally stage this musical.
The Fresno Bee featured our work and wrote an entire article about the creative process behind this 'digital set' entitled, 'Do You See The Projections Move? 'Les Miz' Uses New Techonology'. Although the online article has since expired on The Fresno Bee's website, it is still available on

In January 2014, the animations won the Broadway World San Francisco Award for Best Scenic Design (Local).
Mitchell Lam Hau and I, with one of the porojections in progress on a laptop.
Actors in Les Misérables stand before a towering Dock scene digitally imagined for the show.
Toulon Labor Camp, 1815
Exterior of Thenardier's Inn
Rue Plumet
Various Production Photos
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