"Grijalva breaks new ground locally with effects that feel as if we’re in the water with the performers. From a swirling opening storm to a spectacular dive to the murky depths of Ursula’s zip code, I found myself thoroughly entranced."
"We asked Grijalva to execute the idea in the style of his Pop Culture Gif series of graphic designs. The result is a delightful mix of old and new style that fits the tone of Sunny Side Up perfectly."
"Grijalva...took home a prestigious national Student Gold ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation for his poster design for the Selma Arts Center‘s production of  “Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play”."
Graphic design student brings home national ADDY award, Fresno State College of Arts and Humanities 
"Cortés-Vázquez also announced a special partnership with award-winning actor, singer, composer and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, to create a specially designed National Puerto Rican Day Scholarship Fund TeeRicoShirt, for the popular t-shirt and accessory line launched by the artist."
"Grijalva, previously a self-taught designer, is one of Professor Robison's top students, and he is inspiring other students."
"How did student Dominic Grijalva make an impact on the Hamilton cast? He had a great idea and Adobe Creative Cloud"
#MadeThis Video Series, Adobe Students
"It’s improbable that a young designer would claim an industry award for what began as a casual request from a friend. "
"Sometimes the execution doesn’t work, but the idea does."
"The 24-year-old Grijalva, who lives in Selma and is studying graphic design at Fresno State, is one of the artists featured in Miranda’s new line of merchandise, Tee-Rico."
"Those of you who follow musical theater in the central San Joaquin Valley probably already know that Dominic Grijalva of Selma, one of our great talents, is in Washington, D.C., this week competing for national honors in the American College Theatre Festival."
"He directs, he designs killer graphics, he sings...On Saturday he won the top musical theater award at the American College Theater Festival’s regional competition in Mesa, Ariz."
"Grijalva’s hunched posture and tic-like mannerisms slowly transition to the self-assuredness of a confident dancer. Strong vocals, measured acting and a finely honed characterization all contribute to Grijalva’s memorable performance." 
"Grijalva delivered a wonderful performance, even nailing the rapping parts with ease."
"Dominic Grijalva, as Usnavi, the neighborhood bodega owner, offers a world-weary charm tempered with sweet exuberance."
"Dominic Grijalva, playing a relentlessly sunny artist named Warren, lets his optimism brim over the day he meets a new friend at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York."
"Dominic Grijalva (Georg) presents a brilliantly crafted character, standing out vocally in “Touch Me.” 
Spring Awakening, Show #268, The Road to 1,000
"It crackles with a sense of creative energy and cohesion that suggests art at the highest level."
"35MM… is a non-traditional musical worthy of your time and investment and interest."
"In what is bound to be one of the theatrical high points of the summer season, “35MM” is a flight into creativity that shouldn’t be missed."
"This production is so good, the eagles want to fly with it."